Monday, 3 June 2013

It's that time of the year again!

Long time no see! After being MIA for almost a full year now, I have decided to re-start my blogging! *fist pump* I will also be updating my facebook page @ in conjunction to this blog. Feel free to like the page if you haven't already.

What have you been doing this past year???

Work. Train. Eat. Rest. You know the drill... Actually, I have recently just completed a 7 month bulking phase. I can say for certain that I am seriously sick of eating now! Within this period, I have gained almost 20kg (if only it were all muscle gains) with my weight fluctuating between 102-103kg.

What is the main goal for this year?

I would like to participate in my first ever bodybuilding/fitness competition towards the end of the year. I believe the next one will be held sometime in October. Come support me :) I'll be using this blog as a platform to share with you my experiences.

I plan to wean my carbohydrates from 500g down to ~200g over the next 4 month period. The plan is to keep my carbohydrates as high as possible whilst sustaining a gradual reduction in body fat during this cutting phase. In my last cut,  I dropped my carbohydrates down to 120g/day for over a month which in hindsight was way too low to sustain some decent size. Protein and Fats remain at 240g and 60g respectively.

Weak points::
"You're only as strong as your weakest link"
  • Posterior deltoids
  • Lower back
  • Chest
  • Calves
  • Abdominals
  • Biceps
I will be picking 2 weak points to work on at the end of my usual training session. 

For those who have been following me for awhile, you know that I have had some injuries that have set me back a bit. I will be targeting these issues several times a week to prevent any re-exacerbations. Let me know if you guys want to know about my rehabilitative exercises and I will be happy to share them with you.

Currently I am working on these injuries-
  • Right subscapularis tendonitis
  • Left iliopsoas/iliacus weakness/tightness
  • Right knee lateral meniscus tear
Alright, that is all for now. I will be updating at least a minimum of once a week. Pretty excited to start my cut and to share the journey with you guys! 


  1. I hope you are on your way to making a full recovery. I have had injuries to my knees and it did take me a while to recuperate (almost a year). I did go for intense physiotherapy sessions and of course a good knee brace to help stabilize the injured knee. I bought my joint supports from BraceAbility, they have other products you can check out too.

  2. Hey Mark, could you re-upload the "how to" in how you calculate your daily macros? I've found how to do it the easy way with counting calories but I want to know how you specifically count your macro grams.