Monday, 20 February 2012

Mark's kitchen: What am I eating?

Hey there, this post is to give you guys a better understanding of what I am currently eating in my cutting phase. I try to vary the foods that I eat to make sure I cover both my macro and micro nutrient requirements. (plus it can get quite monotonous eating the same thing everyday!) 

What can I use to make the food taste better?
Garlic, onions, chilli, salt, pepper and vinegar

I think I undercooked the steak lol

Roasted beetroots. Yum!

Can't go wrong with fish

Tastes as good as it looks  (haha)

I also made a quick decision to drop my carbohydrates again. Why? I tend to have a spill over affect from my cheat meals on the weekend. Oops! This is what I am doing now (see below).


  1. what are those fish call.? is that high in protein as well?

  2. i had send you an e-mail about my question pls check that out too thanks. :)

  3. @Johnny - No worries, I have replied :)

    1. I also sent you a few questions through your "contact me" section a little while back, check it out when you got the time! thx

    2. Hey Drisk - I don't think I got your email. Can you please send it across again. Thanks

    3. Resent, take a look whenever possible thanks!