Friday, 28 October 2011

Carbohydrate Cycling

I have started a new diet utilising the effective method of carbohydrate cycling. For more information:

Here is the macronutrient break down of my diet.

Low carbohydrate day

  • Carbohydrates: 150g
  • Protein: 240g
  • Fats: 60g
High carbohydrate day
  • Carbohydrates: 320g
  • Protein: 200g
  • Fats: 40g

I will be allowing myself one cheat meal a week which will be used on a high carbohydrate day. Keep flexing guys!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Photoshoot Video

Here is the rest of the photos from the shoot taken on 15/10/2011. Hope you enjoy!

Since the photo shoot, I have gained a total of 5.2kg in the past 7 days! I don't think I've eaten so much in such a short period of time. INTENSE! It was quite relieving to have a much-needed break from my dieting regimen..

Since summer is around the corner, I have decided to enter a phase of re-composition (gain muscle & lose fat) with a strong emphasis on developing lat width, lower chest and legs. My new diet involves carbohydrate cycling and can be seen here:

Peace out!

Monday, 17 October 2011

NEW youtube video!!!

I have uploaded a new video on youtube. Check it out!

Please feel free to subscribe if you haven't already. Thanks

End of cutting season!


I have finally completed my cutting phase! Just had a photo shoot couple days ago which was great fun and a new experience. Photos will be posted up shortly when the photographer has chance to send them over.

Here is a quick summary of my cutting phase:

- It has taken 10 weeks to get to where I am at the moment
- I have dropped a total of 8kg in the process
- Currently sitting at approximately 8% body fat
- In hindsight, I think I should have given it a 3-4 more weeks extra to drop more body fat.
- Will probably need to fix up my peak week. I think I peaked too early! Damn..

Conclusion: Over all, I am pretty happy with how my cutting phase went. There are some areas which I made some mistakes in which I will be sure not to make in the next cut. 

Here are my final statistics:

Weight:                82.3kg
Body fat:             8%
Shoulders:            53.5
Chest:                  45.0
Waist:                  30
Upper arm:          16.5
Forearm:              13.5
Thigh:                 24.5
Calf:                    16.5

Some photos...

Usain bolt pose with my girlfriend lol

Abdominal shot

Nutrition on the day of the photo shoot

- Sweet potato 250g
- Chicken breast 150g
- Water 200mls

- Sweet potato 250g
- Chicken breast 150g
- Water 200mls

- Sweet potato 250g
- Chicken breast 150g
- Water 100mls

- Brown bread x2 slices
- Cream cheese spread
- Protein shake (40g protein
* Increased my Sodium intake to 1,000mg

- Sugar lollies x 2


A big thank you to Ben Teh Photography @ for inviting me for a photo shoot. Much appreciated, Ben!

So... What happens now, Mark?

Well, I am taking a break from hardcore dieting and training for 2 weeks before  I resume my new regimen. More on that later though. I am definately trying to get some videos uploaded, but I am having some difficulties editing.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Quick progress photo

Just a quick progress photo for my back.

Ignore the chicken legs lol
I tried making a video the other day, but it turned out to be a failure as I don't have a tripod as of yet. Don't forget to checkout my youtube channel @ Thanks guys, and see you soon.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Nutrition: My peak week!

 Greetings. Over the past week, I have been in the process of designing an individualised  "peak week" plan with the aim of documenting my body's response. This will help me prepare for the photo shoot that I have in the weeks coming up.

"Mark! What's a peak week?"

The peak week is the final week of preparation preceding a body building contest and/or photo shoot. Nutrition and training parameters are monitored closely with the aim of  maximising one's physique.

I love this song.

The Peak Week

Normal - Baseline parameters:
Protein: 240g             Carbohydrate: 150g             Fat: 50g
Water: 5L                  Sodium: <2,000mg                Creatine: 5g      
Training: Normal
Cardio: 30 minutes (moderate intensity)

Day 1 - Saturday (7 days out)
Protein: 240g             Carbohydrate: 150g             Fat: 50g
Water: 5L                  Sodium: <2,000mg                Creatine: 5g      
Training: Normal
Cardio: 30 minutes (moderate intensity)

Day 2 - Sunday (6 days out)
Protein: 240g             Carbohydrate: 150g             Fat: 50g
Water: 5L                  Sodium: <2,000mg               Creatine: 5g      
Training: Rest
Cardio: 30 minutes (moderate intensity)

Day 3 - Monday (5 days out)
Protein: 240g             Carbohydrate150g             Fat: 50g
Water: 5L                  Sodium: <2,000mg               Creatine: 5g      
Training: Legs, no sets to failure
Cardio: 25 minutes (moderate intensity

Day 4 - Tuesday (4 days out)
Protein: 240g             Carbohydrate: 350g             Fat: 50g
Water: 4L                  Sodium: <2,000mg               Creatine: 5g      
Training: Chest and back, no sets to failure
Cardio: 20 minutes (moderate intensity)

Day 5 - Wednesday (3 days out)
Protein: 240g             Carbohydrate: 250g             Fat: 50g
Water: 4L                  Sodium: <2,000mg                Creatine: 5g      
Training: Shoulders and arms, no sets to failure
Cardio: 15 minutes (moderate intensity)

Day 6 - Thursday (2 days out)
Protein: 240g             Carbohydrate: 180g             Fat: 50g
Water: 3L                  Sodium: <2,000mg                Creatine: 5g      
Training: Light whole body exercises (25 minutes)
Cardio: 10 minutes (moderate intensity)

Day 7 - Friday (1 days out)
Protein: 240g             Carbohydrate: 150g             Fat: 50g
Water: 2L                  Sodium: <2,000mg                Creatine: 5g      
Training: Light whole body exercises (15 minutes)
Cardio: Nil
* cease water intake 12 hours prior to show
* cease fibre intake

Show day - Saturday (0 days out)
...I am still trying to figure out what I will be specifically eating on the day. I shall keep you guys posted when I do have it all sorted out!

Eating my birthday cake! Nice treat.