Thursday, 29 September 2011

Week 8: Progress update

Has it already been 2 months already!? Since the beginning of August, I have lost approximately 7kg and I am looking the leanest I have ever been. Sorry guys, no progress photos for now... I am currently working on a new youtube video.

Who's that pokemon ?

Current stats:

Weight:                83.8kg
Body fat:             11%
Shoulders:            53.5
Chest:                  45.5
Waist:                  30.5
Upper arm:          16.5
Forearm:              13.5
Thigh:                 24.5
Calf:                    16.5

Update to diet:
  • I have reduce my Sodium intake to <2000mg to remove any excess water that I am holding onto under my skin. I have resorted to using flavours from onion, garlic and chili to help make my food taste a little bit better. LoL.
  •  I am being consistent with my daily intake of water of 4 litres. This will help keep my muscle bellies appear fuller as my carbohydrate intake decreases.
  • I have also increased the amount of fibre (from green vegetables) to help with some issues with bloating. 


  1. got some nice stats man
    keep up the good work! inspirational !

  2. You're an inspiration bro! You track your daily intakes and stats with great precision

  3. @WannaBe Champ - Thanks for the comment bro.

    @brybuildingbody - I like keeping track of all my stats. I think numbers never lie :)