Monday, 12 September 2011

Week 5: Progress update

I'm still here! Apologies for not updating regularly in the past 2 weeks. (My life: Work, Gym, Eat, Girlfriend, Dota, Sleep) Anyway, I think it's time for Progress update number 2! Check it out!

LOL. I swear I did not tan my forearms only.

Abs starting to show finally...

Hit that bicep shot!
My impression: I think my progress is definately heading in the right direction. The weight is coming down gradually. It appears that I am still holding onto some body fat, however, that should be no issue as I will be further dropping my carbohydrates to ~160g in about a week. Other than that, I think the cuts are coming out nicely and gradually. What do you guys reckon?

Current stats:

Weight:                86.5kg
Body fat:             13%
Shoulders:            53.5
Chest:                  46.0
Waist:                  31.0
Upper arm:          16.5
Forearm:              14.0
Thigh:                 24.5
Calf:                    16.5

"Mark, where are your legs???"
They are lagging behind the rest of my body, but here they are anyway.

Yes, it is a small picture.
Yes,  I am standing on a chair.
And yes,  I am only wearing one sock.

Other news::

- Bought some Glutamine and BCAAs supplements to prepare myself for carbohydrate depletion.
- Cycling between my pre workout supplements (C4 and NOXplode).
- Power training this week. Got to keep mixing it up!


  1. Woo! Nice work man! Yeah progress is definitely heading in the right direction!
    I'm about a week into my cut and starting at 16% bf, dunno how long it'll take to get down to 10% :S Do you have any recommendations about keeping fullness while dieting/cardio?
    I'll update my blog soon training and dietwise.
    THanks for the inspiration!

  2. brybuildingbody- Cheers man. When you say "fullness", do you mean muscular fullness? If so, your muscles will appear less full when you diet because of the drop in carbohdyrates. Whenever you drop carbohydrates, you will drop water weight as well. It's unavoidable.

    However, make sure you drink plenty of water to help keep the muscles hydrated (especially since you are doing cardio).

    Keep training wiht high intensity. Many people drop the weights when they star tto cut, but I think keep the high intensity with heavier weights is the way to go. Of course You can add super sets, but your foundation will be the hypertrophy range.

    Creatine will also help keep your muscle fuller as they will draw more water into your muscles. You shouldn't really get too much water retention with it under your skin. If you are, 1. drop your dosage (you only really need 5g or so per day) 2. Change brands.

    Hope this helps. And good luck with your cut. Looking forward to seeing the end results.