Sunday, 25 September 2011

NEW Youtube channel!

I have decided to make a Youtube channel. Here it is!

I have no idea how to make videos, but I guess it's time to learn. Please feel free to subscribe! If you have any suggestions on what content I should cover in the videos, let me know in the comments section below.

Tripod with an apple
Sony Bloggie Touch
A meal of champions. LoL.


  1. Hey Mark, great blog you have here. I was hoping to get your advice on cutting/losing weight. I'm a pretty big dude (191cm currently weighing in at 111kg that's after dropping down from 137kg). I've been dieting pretty strong for the last 5 months or so but don't think I'm dropping a lot of fat.

    I'm currently aiming for 100kg but I just don't know how far i need to diet down. I'd like to try and add some muscle to my frame but i'm concerned that I'll just add more fat.

    I guess the question is when do you know that you have lost enough? I think if i went any lower than 90kg I would be too scrawny. I'm not aiming for a six pack or anything, just want to be comfortable at a beach with my shirt off if you know what I mean.

    Considering you've come from a bulky weight to where you are now I figured you could shed some light on this.

  2. Hi Jordan. Thanks for the question. And congratulations on losing all that weight!

    To gain a better understanding of where you are at atm, can you tell me what exactly what you have been doing these past 5 months (in regards to your training and nutrition). If you feel that you have hit that unavoidable plateau, it is time to change the way you train, or change your diet plan. Your body is resistant to change and will get familiar with what you are doing for fat loss.

    The best way to lose fat is to increase your metabolism. This is best achieved by increasing the amount of muscle in your body. Always train to gain muscle, and you will find the fat will come off as well. Don't be too concerned with the scales as well as they can often be misleading. Go by how you are feeling, how your old clothes feel, how you look in the mirror etc... which links to your question of "when do you know that you have lost enough?". If you are happy at the way you look, then that's when you've lost enough.

    Looking forward to your response.

  3. Hey, thanks and cheers for the quick response.

    For the last few month's I've basically been doing a combination of weight training and moderate intensity cardio. I've been lifting mainly for mass, so roughly 8-12 reps per set for upper body and 15-25 for lower body. For the last two month's I've incorporated some skipping into my routine for when I'm not at the gym.

    Weight training is usually anywhere between 30-45 minutes and cardio would be anywhere between 20-45 minutes post weights (if at the gym) or just 20 minutes skipping upon waking (i usually take a scoop of whey just before).

    As far as nutrition, I'm trying to eat 5-6 smaller meals a day every 2-4 hours and I try and restrict cheat meals to once a week. It's mainly what everyone seems to say to eat, lean protein, slow digesting carbs, some good fats and protein supplement. I'm currently a casual emnployee and get a lot of 5 hour shifts with no lunch break so it's hard to fit in a proper meal, I typically just pack a 48g protein shake and some almonds to tide me by.

    I've been told I should lower the weights and up my reps for more effective fat burning but I'm just not sure. I'm beginning to think my body has become to use to the cardio routine as I do the same thing every second day.

  4. Just to add:

    I think I look like a smaller version of what I was before. The dreaded "smaller pear" shape which leads me to think that I've lost too much muscle.

  5. Hey Jordan,

    It seems like your training is fine. Stick to the 8-12 rep range (providing you go to fatigue at the end) to develop the necessary muscle bulk to burn off the fat.

    I think we should divert our concentration to your nutrition a bit more. After all, it's all about 70% diet, 30% training. Basically, to lose weight, CALORIES IN < CALORIES used. ( or calories used > calories in). Do you know how many calories you are taking in at the moment?

  6. Hey.

    I'm taking in about 2500-2700 calories a day. Which is roughly 500-700 less than the maintenance calories I calculated for my activity level using Although it appears I need to drop them a little bit more now.

    Calculator values:

    3 days

    As for my macro's I wouldn't be able to say for sure what they. Probably 200g protein, carbs really fluctuate anywhere from 50-150g and fat's not consistent either. I just get my fat from fish oil and a handful or two of almonds a day (as well as the fat from my meats).

    I still have food's like subway and stuff on a pretty regular basis (wheat, roast chicken, foot long, no sauce or salt just pepper) should I drop that too just a six inch? I don't really consider it a cheat meal (although maybe I should?) and it's really convenient after my 5 hour shifts at work.

    As for cheat meal's I'm trying to keep them to once a week. Uusually trying to limit myself to a regular combo if I go to a fast food chain.

    Really appreciate the advice you have provided thus far.

  7. Hey Jordan,

    Be very careful with online calculators. Most of the time, they are very, very inaccurate and only really provide a rough estimate of what your caloric intake should be. Try dropping your calories by 10% or so and see how that goes. Usually I drop my carbs before I drop anything else.

    As for your macros: (2500 calories)

    200g protein = 800 calories
    150g carbo = 600 calories
    ??g fat = ?1000calories?

    I suggest you drop your fat levels down by half at least. Your carbos and proteins seem to be at a good level.

    Cheat meals are fine, just make sure you are dieting properly throughout the week. It may be an idea to record the exact amounts of food you eat per day, and let me know so that I can assist you a bit better.

    Weight loss is a gradual thing. As long as you are heading in the right direction, you are doing well. Don't fall into the trap of trying to rush things and do drastic things. This is where most people will fail, and give up, and end up binging later on, and end up larger than before.

  8. Hey Mark. I decided to make a blog and wrote down (with photo's) what I've eaten today.

    If you get a chance to check it out and can offer any advice that would be great. Thanks.