Monday, 22 August 2011

Week 3: Progress update

Has it already been 3 weeks since I started this blog? Time flies when you're pumping iron. Every couple of weeks I will try and post some progress photos. Check it out!

August 2011
Weak points: Alright. From this photo, it appears that my lower back muscles (erector spinae group) are lagging behind a bit. (Note to self: DO MORE DEADLIFTS!) I have also had some problems increasing my lat width which I know I need to persist with. Where's my bicep peaks at? Damn... Other than that, the definition should improve as the body fat % drops down. What do you guys reckon?

Current stats:

Weight:                88.8kg
Body fat:             14%
Shoulders:            53.5
Chest:                  45.5
Waist:                  31.5
Upper arm:          16.5
Forearm:              14.0
Thigh:                 24.5
Calf:                    16.5


2.5kg of sweet potato

Alterations to diet: I have incorporated more sweet potato into my diet and reduced the amount of rolled oats. Why? It's good to get your carbohydrates from a variety of sources of food. Will likely be dropping my carbohydrates from 320g to 240g next week.

Cheat meal of the week: Pho dac biet!

I went running...

Long distant running is probably not the smartest idea to preserve muscle... but I entered the City2Surf 14km run anyway. The dude behind me apparently likes to flex as well?

City 2 surf (14km)
Time: 90 minutes 45 seconds


  1. Great back pic man! You're being too hard on yourself. Your physique is pretty solid!

  2. Cheers Michael! You looking pretty swoll in your profile pic. Everytime I do the most muscular pose, I get neck spasms lol.

  3. Thanks! I'll try to get more recent pics up I've made some good progress.

  4. wow. great definition in your back! keep it up! and I'll post new a blog with pics hopefully soon

  5. wongy, what does your back routine look like with deadlifts incorporated?

  6. Anthony Olson - I usually separate my back day and dead lift day.

    - Weighted pull ups
    - T bar row
    - Lat pull down
    - Dumbell Row
    - Chin ups

    - Dead lift
    - Hamstring curls
    - Calf raises
    - Farmer walks

  7. hmm.... what would you recommend for a back workout plan WITH deadlifts?? :)

  8. I'd do the same, but tag on Dead lifts at the end. But I find doing deads and all the pulls ups quite taxing on the body when done together. That's why I like to split them up.

  9. Awesome physique! Just wanted to know how you prepare your sweet potato and how many sets of deadlifts do you do?