Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Top 5 Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-workout supplements... Gotta love them! Honestly, I don't think I'll ever have such an intense gym session without them. They provide the much needed elevation in energy levels required for a training sesh, especially when you are coming straight from work.

Generally speaking, all pre-workout supplements contain the following ingredients...

Beta-Alanine - Reduces the lactic acid build up in your muscles

Arginine - A non-essential amino acid which causes vascular dilation allowing for more nutrients to be passed to your muscles. This prolongs training by improving muscular endurance and delay muscle fatigue

Caffeine - Central Nervous System stimulant which increase mental and physical activity

Creatine - A nitrogenous organic acid which enhances energy production to all cells in the body. It is particularly useful in explosive muscle contractions during anaerobic exercises.


Here are the top 5 supplements that I have encountered so far:

1. C4 - Cellucor

2. NO-Xpode - BSN

3. Jack3d - USPlabs

4. 1.M.R - BPI

5. Super pump MAX - Gaspari Nutrition

Which pre-workout supplements do you like?
Let me know! I am open to trying new supplements anytime.


  1. I've only tried Jack3d and it seems to work when I used to take them. It's been awhile since I stopped taking any pre workout supplements cuz I feel like cheating, but I do feel very tired in the middle of it...

    So do you recommend C4 extreme?

  2. C4 is an awesome product. the beta alanine makes me tingle all over. I just bought some neurocore by muscletech and I'll give an update on how that stuff is. Also, I tried Juggernaut as well. I'ts pretty comparable to NanoVapor. Not much energy but I get pretty sick pumps and my veins stick out. I usually stack either vapor or juggernaut with a thermogenic such as oxy-elite or hydroxycut hardcore. I'm going to look into musceltechs new thermo hydroxystim. supposed to me the next best thing. my favs thus far would be NO Xplode 2.0, and C4 extreme. been a long time fan of NO Xplode but I need to cycle off of it like every 2 weeks cuz my body gets used to it so fast.

  3. Nice picks! My girlfriend got me EVP by Evogen so Ill be doing a review of that as soon as i can

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  5. ive tried no explode, gaspari superpump 250, jack3d and now atm im using aps mesomorph, in my opinion i enjoy jack3d the most!, also tried adding you on fb under david syme but no response haha, btw ive seen lately most pre workout sups that are popular have a nitric oxide base

  6. I am looking for best bodybuilding supplements for my brother, he want to increase his body stamina and strength. Please recommend if you any good recommendations!!


  7. Hello garner! I will suggest you that you have to recommend Green supplements to your brother. With regular use, he will definitely get good results. I am waiting for your replies. Share your experience!