Monday, 8 August 2011


I think one of the most common questions asked at the gym is...

" Hey couz... what supplements are you taking? "

Although everyone wants to know what the biggest guy at the gym is on, remember that supplements are only ideal when you are already eating and training correctly. Supplements exist to assist you, not do the work for you.

My current supplement stack

 Components  ::

1. Optimum Nutrition: 100% whey protein (Gold standard) Double chocolate

2. Optimum Nutrition: Micronized Creatine Powder

3. Optimum Nutrition: Opti-Men multi-vitamin

4. BPI Sport: 1MR

5. Blackmore: Fish oil capsule

When it comes down to supplementation, it is an idea to try different products to see how you respond to them. Having said that, I am currently in the process of writing reviews for some of the supplements that I have taken in the past.

I hate it when I run out of protein >_<

... that's why I am well prepared now! ... $1300 later...


  1. hey bro just a question can you rate your top 3 preferred pre workout supplement?

    Do you cycle them? example 2months on 1months off for maximum effect and to avoid plateau.

    and if you do cycle them, how do you keep your energy and focus level up during cycling off pre-workout?

    cheers bro!

  2. @Joel Hey mate.

    1. NO Xpode (Nice pump, but occ. stomach troubles secondary to the ?bakingsoda)

    2. Jack3d (This one made me stare at myself in the mirror for ages for some reason lol)

    3. 1mr (This supplement felt really weak tbh)

    I don't really cycle off/on. The only supplement which I felt "desensitized" to was 1MR. The other two worked fine in the long term without plateau.

    I have just purchased NOXPLODE2.0 I am keen on trying. I'll let you know how it goes.

  3. hey bro i heard 1 more rep contains a lot of caffeine and burns u out after the workout, like u feel really dead...from your experience can u give suggestions on whether to buy it or not? perphaps you can compare it to jack3d? thnx!!

  4. like the protein pic man! gotta stay stocked. two pre-workouts i have liked in the past are universal animal rage and scivation novem.

  5. @Amos YEAH! I found that I had to sleep right after my gym after I take 1MR. It has such a bad crash. It's not one of my favourites. Personally I wouldn't recommend itm but that's me. You might respond really well to it. Jack3d is far better in terms of focus, energy and crash. It's also one of the cheaper PWO supps too.

    @michaelvu How much do those PWO supps cost?? I want to try all of them!

  6. haha scivation novem is 20 bucks and animal rage is 30. each comes with around 40 servings so price wise they're the amazing!!

  7. Wongy, if you like jack3d, you should try C4 extreme or neurocore. I really enjoy C4... very similar to Jack3d but I personally like it better. The beta-alanine makes my skin tingle all over my legs and face and I feel like ripping my hair out (in a good way) haha. Neurocore is muscletechs new version of jack3d and c4 extreme. haven't tried it, but it supposed to be the "best one" available. all are in the same price range pretty much

  8. @michaelvu Thanks mate. Will definately look into it.

    @Anthony Olson I was tossing up between trying C4 and the new No Xpode BSN. I ended up with the latter. I will probably try C4 next time!

  9. I want to know, form where I can buy these preworkout supplements? Are these really works on my body? Please give full details about this product!!