Saturday, 6 August 2011

Couple of old photos of me

Blog post number 3! Hells yeah.

Big shout out to HanhChampion who is currently my only follower. Lol. Take time to have a look at this blog @ Good to see a big asian fella!

Anyways, thought I'd quickly show you some photos of myself which I took at the end of 2010. I was approximately 84kg at the time. All these photos can be found at if you would like to see more.

** Yes I know there are no leg photos. I am quite ashamed of them to be honest. But I HAVE been working on them, and will be posting new photos up very soon!!!

Lol. Dork pose!

Yes. That IS me believe it or not.
Here is a photo of my legs I took a couple of months ago. Reminds me of a frog?

They're slowly getting there!


  1. great size man! you in victoria ? will definitely be keeping an eye on your blog.

  2. ae86 - Thanks mate. I live in Sydney at the moment.

    Adam - Cheers bro!

  3. super good progress! keep it up :)

  4. Jenny - Thanks for the comment. Also, thanks for the tips on your blog too. lol.

  5. hahaha, no problem. :) i had one of hanh's followers also ask me a question too so no worries. :P

  6. were you really chunky before? did you go through a cutting phase to get so lean or did you just clean up your diet? I'm about 17% body fat but I don't want to go through a cutting phase and lose muscle/cut out my carbs :/

  7. treenofu - Yep! I was around 100kg at the time. I went through a cutting phase which consisted of carbohydrate cycling. It is almost impossible to not lose some muscle mass when you are cutting :(

  8. holy jesus, were u really that fat? How long did it take for you to get where you are now?

  9. Andrew- I had a lot of mass in the fat picture. It took about a solid 4 months to cut down.